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When you visit our website, cookies may be placed on your computer by Wild Apricot (our membership and registration system), Wordpress (our content management system), Woocommerce (our store, learning management system and follow up email service), Mailchimp (our newsletter service) or others as our technology needs to assist you require.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a chunk of data – typically stored as text file – that is placed on your computer or other device when you visit a particular website.

The cookie is used to identify your device to the website when you visit again so the site can load your preferences, automatically accept your credentials, or otherwise personalize the experience. Cookies do not store personal information about you, just information identifying your device.

Accepting cookies

Within your browser settings, you can choose whether to accept cookies. To access our site, you need to enable cookies (which most browsers do by default).

In some browsers (Safari and others), you also need to enable cross-site tracking by disabling the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking option.

Third-party cookies

You can also separately control whether to accept third-party cookies – cookies placed by third party services that are integrated into the website you are visiting.

For example, third-party cookies are used by Google Analytics for tracking website traffic, and by Wild Apricot to embed its functionality on non-Wild Apricot sites using widgets. You only need to enable third-party cookies only if you are using third-party services that require you to do so.

By default, Safari blocks third-party cookies, while Firefox and Chrome accept them. Internet Explorer blocks third-party cookies by default but allows users to accept them from Wild Apricot and other sites. Some firewalls or browser plug-ins may affect your browser's cookies settings.

We use Google Analytics, Cloudflare and NewRelic services for internal activity tracking and collecting feedback, so a cookie from these services listed above may also be placed on your computer.

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